In the late 40´s the people of “Klarälvdalen” -the valley in northern Värmland saw how scouts from Germany came and built rafts from the timber logs being transported on the river. This continued until the beginning of the 1980´s . During the 70´s Johnny Persson was studying at”KLARÄLVDALENS FOLKHÖGSKOLA” – a public school, and he heard a teacher talking about the rafting. Remembering how he ,as a child , had wide eyed watched and admired these rafts, he got an idea. He and his brother, Johan started to work on developing an attraction for the turists with a tour downriver. The raft needed to be pre-built to avoid transporting materials and logs could not be used because it takes time to them bind together securely, and are heavy and bulky. It had to have good lasting quality, be very comfortable, safe to travel on and easy to build and later dismantle for transport.

There needed to be enough space for a family and the rafts´ measurements had to fit the logging trucks that travelled back from Karlstad unloaded . That way one could solve the transportation back to the starting point. It was also important that the deck be absolutely level so wheelchairs would stand securely and easily. By the summer of 1978 the two brothers had constructed their raft. The first trip was for friends and relatives of Johnny and Johan. The next summer people saw quite a few of these specially made rafts floating downriver. It was a success. Nowhere else could one find a more exotic vacation than a 6 day rafting trip on the rippling river. The whole Persson family is involved in the company.