Readymade raft on the river Klarälven

Ready to float raft on Klarälven / on the river Klaran

We have one of the longest raft journeys in the world.

A true Huckleberry Finn / Tom Sawyer adventure on your own original ready made raft on Klarälven.

You live on a ready built raft with orginal design of Branäs & Swedenraft (est.1978) and in a pleasant way expericence Sweden´s most southerly wilderness on one of our rafts with only the rivers slow current as engine. Unique and extraordinary wilderness adventure suitable for all ages on river Klarälven.  This is the best and for this continent unique meandering waters with 31 serpentines to the west and 32 to the east. Discover the real wilderness from your own Branäs & Swedenraft. Here you can experience everything that the most southern wilderness of Sweden has to offer in regard to animals, nature, fishing and wonderful fresh water. It will be a week of rest, where nature decides how relaxing you will drift along the Klarälven river. The speed is appr. 1-5 km/h and the current in the slow river is the engine of your raft. You travel through the wilderness of Värmland from the mouth of Lake Vingäng in the north to Ekshärad in the south. A distance on the meanders of app. 100 km. You spend the nights on the moored / fastened raft by land or ashore. Water is life! The adventure is waiting.

Size: 4×4 meters (16 m2). Large enough for 2-5 persons depending on length of trip and how many adults/ children. For a larger family we will enlarge the raft at no extra cost (4x6m) = (24m2). ( A fee is otherwise charged —if you desire the larger sized raft). The fee is an addition of full price for one adult person to your booking.

SEASON: app 15 may to 15 september (depending on weather/ water conditions).

RAFTING: The journey is done in stages and the time it takes varies due to winds, rain, water level and the season. Some stages can take from 12 hrs (low water) and the quickest app. 4 hrs ( high water). Normally it will take 5-8 hrs to reach the different stages. We advise you on how far you should travel each day. If you travel further than advised remember that your arrival time at your final destination will vary accordingly. That is your choice. The raft must be returned to the right place and at the right time or an extra charge will be added to your fee.

Never travel on the raft during the night. Trees can be hanging out from shore over water and there´s a risk to get into a crash. Anchor the raft properly or sleep on the shore. When anchoring, be generous with the line so the raft can float freely with the moving water. Rope or anchor is supplied with each raft. When anchoring on shore with rope, pull up the raft and use the shovel (or tie it to a tree) to anchor with. The shovel is also for toilet use, and must be used. Parents please help your children use it properly. Dig deeply and away (minimum 100 mtr) from the shore and water. Remember that others also want to enjoy the river, its sandbanks and its fishing coves. Leave the areas as clean as you would want to find them.