3 Days

Discover nature on and off the Klarälven from your own comfortable, safe, easy to manoeuver ready built raft.

Adventure awaits you – do as Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer – a rafting adventure in a fairytale landscape.

The rafting on Klarälven is an active unforgettable outdoor experience whether you are in your golden age, young at heart or mind. All ages travel with us, to fulfill a childhood dream, to give the kids that special childhood memory or to have an unforgettable memory together.

Program as follows:

High season: Start days Monday and Thursday during July and the first 2 weeks of August.

Low season: May, June, late August and early September can you rent your own raft anyday, provided you make a request.

Important. Please always CALL us 1-2 days before your arrival at startingdate. To make sure there is no changes of time or place. This is when we check your order, any changes, any additions. Use these number 0046-706 21 21 92 OR 0046 706 21 21 91.

We have 2 startplaces, normally Mondays startplace is in Ransby and Thursday is in Värnäs, but this can be changed the day before your own start, depending if previous guest have landed with their raft on the right place.

Day 1: Monday OR Thursday. We meet about 8:30 -11.00 am at startplace (when you call us 1-2 days before you will get the correct time), you drive to the starting point and unload what you want to bring on your own raft. We give you and your crew your own raft and equipment. Your friends or family will start loading the raft while one person in charge of your group take your own car and drive after us to the place where you will park your car at the endpoint of the raft tour.In our vehicle on our way back to your raft we will follow the map of the river and points of interest such as campings will be shown. This takes easy route about 20 min. We give all information in our car to the person in your crew that drove your car.

Distance day 1 is a; Ransby to Likenäs OR b; Värnäs to Gravol

Day 2: Rafting and exploring wildlife in and around the river.

Distance day 2 is a; Likenäs to Ambjörby OR b; Gravol to Loffstrand

Day 3: Landing where you left your car.

Distance day 3 is a; Ambjörby to Värnäs OR b; Loffstrand to Ekshärad

Rafting takes per day at normal water level  about 6-8 H. At high levels 3-5 hours and at a low level 5-12 hours.You should last day be at endpoint no later than 17.00 pm.

If you as adult are traveling alone with children, we will either meet at the startday morning at End Station for your raftingtour and pick you all up so you can park your car where you will land, OR, we drive your car to the destination and we tell you where to get your carkeys.

2 thoughts on “3 Days

  1. Vi ville göra 3 dagar med flotte och är 3 vuxna och 4 barn. Är det ok att åka alla tillsammans? Vi tänkte att ta 8. – 10. augusti 2013. H. Steffen

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