2 Days

Quick escape from the hustle and bustle. You have time to unwind and enjoy before you are thrown into everyday life.

We assign a meeting place and time (usually between 9-11am).The following arrangements are made depends on how many we should send before / after you and where we are and where the raft you should have are. * 1. We will meet you in the morning where you will end your rafting and you park your car and being driven to the starting point of us for information and more. OR * 2. We meet at the origin and one person from your group drive after us to the place where you will go ashore. Here you can park your car and being driven back by us. We try to coordinate the timing and the minimum loss of time, efficiency and environmental considerations in transportation.

Start days

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday.

You get your raft where the previous guest has left it. You can phone the day before and make your reservation, usually we have a raft available

To book go to the booking page and select 2 day.

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